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Note: If you have JigSaw 2. After downloading this file, all you need to do is run the JS We recommend you keep the JS Your browser may ask you whether you would like to run the JS However if you tell it to save the program on disk you will have a copy of the JS If you tell it to save the JS Jigsaw 2. EXE program in case you need to reinstall your JigSaw program again in the future. EXE program or save it on the disk. EXE program for future use. EXE program to begin the install process outlined above. Astrolabe Font Installation.

How to download and install: The file that you are about to download is a self-extracting and self installing archive. When prompted enter your name, serial number and password. The setup program will run and your Astrolabe Fonts will be updated. To begin the download simply click on the link below and choose where to save the file. Imperial Astrologer 1. Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version check the version number on the start up screen of your existing program. If your version is 1. How to download and install: This file that you are about to download is a self-extracting and self-installing archive.

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After downloading this file, all you need to do is run the IA We recommend you keep the IA Your browser may ask you whether you would like to run the IA However if you tell it to save the program on disk you will have a copy of the IA If you tell it to save the IA Astro Backup! This program will make it easy to backup and transfer your astrology chart and data files from one computer to another.

A Tutorial in Vedic Astrology

Please see the short video on the next page for easy instructions. Solar Fire v9. Solar Fire V9 Update for program version 9. Solar Fire v8. Solar Fire Gold V8 Update for program version 8. Solar Fire v7. Solar Maps. Solar Maps v3 User Guide pdf. Nova Chartwheels. Nova Chartwheels QuickStart Guide pdf. Astrolabe Reports. JigSaw User Guide pdf. Imperial Astrologer. Imperial Astrologer Tutorial pdf. ACS Atlas stand alone installer. ACS Atlas 3. Click for more info. That such correspondences do exist is unquestionable.

Modern scientific experiments and observation could easily verify this and confirm the findings of the ancient scientists. It does not necessarily follow that the planets and the stars themselves affect or cause such events. It is sufficient to note that certain positions or groupings of the stars or planets in relation to the earth actually do correspond to certain types of events which occur on the earth. To make the necessary observations and to translate these observations into terms of correspondence with events occurring on the Earth, both physical and psychological, Hindu Astrologers evolved a rational procedure which is based on five main factors: The Zodiac fixed background to which all heavenly bodies are referred.

This background is divided into twelve equal parts. The motions of these bodies from point to point within the Fixed Background and in relation to the Earth. The Houses-Imaginary space divisions, radiating out vertically from any particular point on the Earth's surface, and marking out divisions of space, traversed by this point during each twenty-four hours, as the Earth revolves on its own axis.

Time-Any given moment at which an event occurs.


In order to determine these positions and groupings accurately, Astrologers use a fixed background or plane of reference called the Zodiac. The Zodiacal Circle is in the same plane as the Ecliptic which is the approximate path of the Earth and Planets in their motion around the Sun.

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The Zodiac, therefore, is merely the Ecliptic extended limitlessly into space. It was observed by the ancient Astronomers that many changes occurred within the 30 degree zones mapped out by the Zodiac. I myself visited a Surya Samhita astrologer in Bombay a few years ago. He came out with a sheaf of palm leaves for the day. After asking a few questions about the number of brothers and sisters in my family, he quickly came to a palm leaf that agreed with my life and then read out the main events of my life, accurate to the year.

The manuscript he read from was in a South Indian script but the words were in Sanskrit, understanding which, I could verify the reading, as he translated the Sanskrit into English. He outlined the rest of my life up to the time of death, gave an overview of my last life and an indication of the result of this life. Then he added three pieces of advice that have proved invaluable for me.

Such experiences are not unusual with Vedic astrology. They exist mainly in South India, and several works of this nature survive.

A Tutorial in Vedic Astrology

Once the chart is rectified to the appropriate Nadi amsha, there are additional rules of interpretation that can provide much amazing knowledge. Such phenomena intimate the depth of Vedic astrology and explain its growing worldwide appeal. Making the Western Transit Vedic astrology, which has been slowly percolating into the West for many years, is now coming out into the open. It has arrived in two ways, first as part of the interest in yoga, Vedanta and related aspects of Hindu spirituality, second as part of the growing interest in astrology in general. The yoga group includes many people who are not astrologers but who believe in the system because of their contact with the spiritual teachings.

The astrology group consists mainly of those interested in Vedic astrology for its astrological value and may otherwise have little knowledge of Hinduism. Naturally, there is an overlap between the two groups, and Vedic astrology often serves to draw people into other aspects of Hindu spirituality. Vedic astrologers in the West consist of two groups: Westerners who have adopted Vedic astrology, and Vedic astrologers from India who have come to the West.

Probably the most noted living in the West is Sri Chakrapani Ullal [see page 10]. He has been giving classes and consultations here for over twenty-five years. He was brought over by H. Swami Muktananda to give readings to his American disciples. Western books on Vedic astrology have begun appearing as well. Second was my own Astrology of the Seers: Others have followed as well.

In the first American International Symposium on Vedic Astrology was held in the United States with over three hundred people attending. Perhaps most notable of the spiritual teachers from India to the West who have emphasized astrology was Paramahansa Yogananda, who offers several anecdotes about astrology in his book Autobiography of a Yogi. His teacher, Sri Yukteswar, was himself an astrologer. The most important yogic group to emphasize astrology has been the TM movement of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, which has been offering classes in Jyotisha and bringing accomplished astrologers from India for many years.

Deepak Chopra, though now separated from TM, also uses Vedic astrology for his system of mantra meditation. Mata Amritanandamayi recommends that her disciples consult astrologers and have rituals performed to propitiate negative planetary influences, particularly Saturn and Rahu.


Many other Hindu teachers do the same, now that Westerners know of Vedic astrology. But they now differ in several ways. The Vedic system is more complicated, with many different types of charts and calculations to consider.

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A complete Vedic astrology printout may have ten or twenty pages just for the data alone. Early Christianity soon rejected astrology, which was integral to the pagan religions the Christians were struggling against. Astrology was condemned in the 4th century ce by no less a person than Saint Augustine as totally antithetical to the Christian faith. Western astrology, its venerable tradition broken, later received some impetus from Islamic astrologers. But in the necessary compromises with these often hostile theologies, the karmic basis of astrology was lost.

In the twentieth century Western astrology reoriented itself in a psychological and humanistic direction. This history makes Western and Vedic astrology profoundly different, far beyond variations in calculations. Both systems use the same twelve signs of the zodiac: They describe the signs in similar terms. However, they determine the signs differently and start them from different points. It relates the beginning of Aries with the point of the vernal equinox. The accuracy of the predictions depends on the accuracy of the time of birth given to us by you. Lehman Brothers Annual Report - Zonebourse. The order in which planet to midpoint is presented is based on the degree from Aries to Pisces the midpoint is placed. It is likely that the report will show both the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship synastry.

Any advice given is meant to be an aid to a person taking responsibility for their own lives and their own choices within a relationship. But, be careful not to Possessive women tend to have problems with Aries men. Gemini men are often in highly visible career positions and have women basking in their glory. If you want to attract one, you have to appeal to. Poe's 11th House when using the Placidus House system. Both house systems are valid. Poe's 11th House You the Sun person sense that the house person shares your recreational interests. What results is a new horoscope that describes the interface between the two personalities: the shoreline where one leaves off and the other begins.

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